Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Casual Foundation Routine . . .

          Today I will be sharing with you my everyday foundation routine. I actually have two different foundation routines, one being my casual everyday routine where I use my Lush Colour Supplement foundation that I use for school and casual outings and my second routine being the one where I use Makeup Forever foundation that I use for special occasions. But for today I will sharing with you my casual everyday foundation routine. This will not include my eye makeup just my usual face routine including my blush because I consider it part of my foundation routine because I can't leave my house without a little blush on.

Products Used: 
  • Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Primer :  L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
  • Concealer:  Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous
  • Foundation: LUSH Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow
  • Powder: Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup in Shade 130(N)
  • Blush: E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen

Brushes Used:
  • Stipple Brush: Sonia Kashuk
  • Concealer Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line
  • Powder Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line
  • Blush Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line


  1.  Before I begin to add anything to my face I prep it my adding moisturizer to different parts of my face.

    2. After I let my moisturizer set in I go on and apply my primer in the same way I applied my moisturizer. 

    3. After applying my primer I move to the next step which is putting on my concealer. I use a concealer brush and apply it under my eyes, and anywhere where I had blemishes.

    4. Following my concealer application I finally begin applying my foundation. I apply it using a stippling brush because in my opinion I think it gives you a much better finish than with a sponge, fingers, or foundation brush.

    * To apply foundation with a stippling brush just dip the tip of your brush in the foundation you use. Then you dot the brush all over your face, and blend it in small circular motions.

    5. After blending in my foundation I buff it over using my powder brush to make sure there are no streaks on my face because one downside of using a stipple brush is that they can leave streak marks. Once I do that and make sure there are no streaks on my face I powder my t-zone to set in the foundation.

    6. For my last step I grab my blush of the day and blush brush and apply it on the apple of my cheeks in  a C motion (From my cheeks to up my temples)

    There you have my casual everyday foundation routine. What is your foundation routine? Feel free to share your opinions and tips below in the comments box.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivational Monday . . .

          Every Monday I post a inspirational quote to keep readers motivated and ready for the upcoming week. I hope you all have a amazing week!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation

          A few months ago I purchased "Benefit's Tan About Town"  which included a small sample size pot of Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous Foundation. Being a foundation junkie I was very excited to try this out and see if it would work for me.

About the Product:

          A sheer, oil-free, cream-to-powder complexion perfecter. This lightweight, translucent, foundation-like product smooths out imperfections and evens skin tone with a silky, smooth finish that's super natural and super gorgeous.

Pros and Cons:

        Like all products do- this one also has it's pros and cons. 

  • Cute Packaging. 
  • Moderate Coverage
  • Buildable 

  • Too sheer.
  • Limited shade options.
  • Greasy

My Opinion: 

          Now I will be honest, I was dissapointed with this product. Despite being "oil-free" I found this product to be a bit greasy. It does not clog up my my pores  which is good, but I still didn't appreciate the greasy-ness to it. This product is suppose to be a cream to powder foundation but I do not see it, to me it is a creme foundation all the way. Also I thought this was way to sheer for me to be used as a foundation alone. However it is very buildable and even though it does not work me as a foundation I have actually been using this as a concealer under my eyes. It may sound weird because that is not it's original purpose but it works for me that way. I do not think I will be purchasing this in it's full size but I will be taking advantage of the pot that I currently own.  

             Have you tried "Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous" ? If so did you like it? Is this something you would be interest to try? Let your opinions knows down below in the comments box.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Easy Hairstyles . . .

          It happens to us all, we wake up late for school or work, we did not wash our hair the night before, we ran out of time while getting ready so now we need to rush out the door, or we are just lazy to spend a lot of time on our hair. I personally do not have the patience to do my hair, and quite frankly I am bad at it! Luckily I have straight low maintenance hair. Sure I still curl my hair every now and then on those days when I want to look extra special (a process that takes me a night's sleep to achieve, yes I sleep with soft rollers) Luckily for all of us, there are quick and easy hairstyles out there that wont take to much of our time and still makes look great.  

Things you will need to create most of these hairstyles:

  • Brush
  • Bobby Pins (U shaped ones are best for bun hairstyles)
  • Elastic Bands  
  • Headbands
  • Hairspray

1. Sleek Ponytail

          This is probably my go-to hairstyle when I am in a hurry or lazy to do anything more to it. What better way to show your pretty face than with with this sleek style. Not only only will this style show off your amazing face but it can also draw attention to statement earrings. This is also the perfect style to do on second day hair. To take it up a notch- try wrapping around a strand taken from the pony and wrap it around the elastic and hold it with a bobby pin. You also take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the elastic in a bow.

2. Messy Top Bun

           This is probably the easiest and quickest one to do. You can easily roll out of bed, grab your hair into a ponytail, twist it all around and pin it with bobby pins. To add a bit of glamour into it, try wearing a skinny headband 1inch away from your hairline or add a flower clip to the side of your hair beside the bun (this is my favorite way of doing it)

3. Headband:

          Ahhh the headband! My first fashion love. Ever since I was baby I have been using headbands and bows (which is why you see a lot of both ideas on this blog) and I honestly never get tired of them, I have a dozen of them!. This is also a good hairstyle option on any day. I like to part my hair to the side and slip in a headband with embellishment or a pattern on it.

4. Goddess Braid:

          This also one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. Part your hair to the side, grab one inch of hair from one side (I do it on my right), braid it down as close to your scalp as you can (especially the beginning), pin it to the side and Voila! Another way that you can use the goddess braid is you can part your hair in the middle, grab one inch of hair from the side of your head (like around where the temples of your head is at) braid it, pin it to the side with bobby pins, repeat to the other side (make sure they are even and the same amount of hair) and add hair spray. I think braid hairstyles are very popular this season, so definitely take these into consideration this summer .

5. Twist and Pinned To The Side:

          Another quick hairstyle is too part your hair in the middle, grab one inch of hair, twist it, and pin it to the side, repeat on the other side. You can also just part it to the side, and twist and pin to one side of hair. It is up to you, you will still look cute.

6. Ballerina Bun:

          This hairstyle is a mix of a ballerina/top bun, it isn't perfect, but it isn't messy either. To achieve this look grab your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, tease up the pony a bit with a comb, twist and twist the pony around the elastic, pin it with bobby pins, and finally add hairspray. For a classic girly touch I like to tie a ribbon around the bun and tie it in a bow (very similar to what I like to do with my ponytails)

7. Hat

        I am not usually a big fan of hats (unless they are cute) since I generally do like my hair and I do not want to cover it up. I tend to drift towards my knitted beanies and my black sequin bow beret.  on  those days where I am feeling a bit lazy or I feel like I am having a bad hair day, and those are the days where I like to cover up my hair. The best way to wear these is too gather up your hair in a low bun, if you have bangs or front layers leave them out, put your hat over your bun, and pin the sides to secure it. Another option you can use is to put your hair to the front, put on the beanie 1 inch away from your hairline, and secure it with bobby pins. This look really will look good on everybody, no matter what hair type you have.

          I hope these quick hairstyles will help you out on those day when you are in a rush but do not feel like sacrificing chicness. What are your go-to hairstyles when you are in a hurry? Let your opinions know below in the comment section.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Motivational Monday . . .

            Every Monday I will post a inspirational quote to keep readers motivated and ready for the upcoming week.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trend To Try: Mismatched Earrings . . .

          Yes fellow readers you have read right, Mismatched Earrings! You may or may not of heard of this; but recently there has been a trend slowly rising in where you wear a set of Mismatched Earrings, where although they may not me identical but they do share a common theme. I first discovered this trend while looking at Betsey Johnson jewelry online, and immediately I thought to myself "OMG I want to try this!!" Now I have not been able to act on my desire to try Mismatched Earrings since I have been real busy with school work but now that I am on summer vacation and have all the time in the world I am so ready to try this out! The best part is that you can even try this trend with earrings that you own already (just as long that they share a common theme) Or you can buy two sets of earring, switch out one earring and give the other Mismatched pair to your bestie! I predict this will be a huge trend within this year.

          Do you look forward to trying out this trend? Or is this too odd and eccentric for you to try out? Make sure to comment below with your comments and opinion.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Wear Neon . . .

          Hello again Baby Dolls! Out of all the spring/summer trends out there the most popular one definitely has to be Neon Colors. After spending fall and winter in dark and neutral colors it was time to brighten things up. And what better way to do so than with neon colors. But as trendy as these colors may be the idea of wearing something bright can be pretty frightening for some people. Below I have written a few guidelines on how to wear the neon trend.  


          If you like the neon trend but are scared of using neon because you are afraid, you can still try this trend out without going out of your comfort zone.

  • Accessorize: The easiest way to test out a new trend you are not so sure about is to try out with accessories. So do not be afraid to stack on bracelets, rock some bright shoes, or to add a neon purse to your outfit.
  • Start Out Small: You do not have to jump into a trend if you are not ready. Add Neon pieces little by little.
  • Test Drive On Your Days "Off": I always feel more comfortable trying trends out during the weekends or when I know I wont be seen. I highly suggest trying this little tip yourself. It really does work!


         Now if you are feeling a bit more daring and are ready to push the limits without going overboard you can still take it to the next  level without crossing the line.
  • Make Neon Piece Your Key Piece: Choose a neon clothing item to be your key piece in your outfit. You can choose pants, skirts, shorts, or a top.
  • Keep The Rest Of The Outfit Minimal: After choosing your main neon color piece, pair with a neutral color like white,black,blue, or grey.
  • Add A Few Neon Accessories: Chances are that you probably still have some reservation to wearing a lot of neon at once, but brave enough to add more neon pieces to your outfit. So do not be afraid to add one or two neon accessories.


          You have tested the neon trend color and feel comfortable taking it to the next level to full blown fashion dare devil. You can still manage to look fashion forward without looking like if you stepped out of the 80's.
  • Color Block: Color Blocking is a great way too incorporate different colors together.
  • Choose Colors That Combine Well Together: Speaking of incorporating different colors together, make sure that you choose colors that combine well together.
  •  Keep Jewelry To A Minimum: Because there is already a lot going on in the outfit with the bright colors, you should try to keep jewelry to a minimum. But if you must have some type of jewelry like me, try to wear dainty jewelry or one strong piece like the cute octopus ring I choose for the set above.

          I hope this small guide I have made will help you in achieving the neon trend successfully this summer. Now that I am on summer break I look forward to writing in my blog more often. Thank you for your patience and support on this blog. I love you all and I hope to hear from you all.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Went Shopping: LC Lauren Conrad Mini-Haul


           Let me just start this post by saying that I love Lauren Conrad!! Seriously, this girl is my fashion soul mate. No other person has inspired me with my style as much as she has. So it is a surprise that I had not bought anything from her more affordable clothing line at Kohl's. After years and years of drooling over her line each season I finally took the plunge and made my first purchase from her LC Lauren Conrad line, and I cannot be happier!

           The first item I purchased from her line is this chiffon peplum vest in a dusty rose color. The princess seam makes it very flattering on my body, and very easy to layer. I love it so much that I wore it the very next day with jeans, white v-neck, leopard flats, gold sparkly bangles, and a long gold leaf necklace. I do wish it has a button or clip to close it with but it is okay, I can easily sew on a button on myself. I can't wait to find more outfit ideas!

         The other thing I purchased from her line is this gold-tone starfish pendant necklace with green beaded details, and simulated pearls. I am a Pisces so naturally I am attracted to the ocean and things related to it, which explains why I felt my heart stop when I saw this. I still have not had the chance to wear this but I am sure it will be soon since the starfish pendent makes it perfect to use in the summer.

         This may be the first time buying from the LC Lauren Conrad line from Kohl's; but it wont be the last time! I guarantee it. Have you bought anything from the LC Lauren Conrad line? Is he also an inspiration like she is to me? What have been your recent buys? Let me know in the comments below . . .

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