Friday, September 20, 2013

Personal Post: My First Hospitalization

The LAC+USC Medical Center Hospital where I stayed.

        This past summer as everyone was out having fun in the beach, going out at night, taking road trips and having fun, I was spending it at a hospital bed. As a child I was always healthy thanks to the great care of my mother so I never had any reason to go the hospital or see a doctor unless it was a check up. Earlier this year around my grandmothers birthday (May 10) I began getting sharp pains in my lower right side. The pain would come for a week and the pain would slowly go away on it's own and only come back if triggered by something such as spicy food. Eventually the pain would come back on it's own and it would stay with me for more than a week, the pain would subside but I would still feel the pain. I never had any fever, vomiting, or diarrhea or any unusual symptoms other than pain. For the first half of the summer I was uncomfortable and in pain most of the time. Because of my pain I would get easily irritable and became extremly grouchy, especially with my parents. On Sunday July 21st I decided I could no longer take it. I knew there was something wrong with my body and felt it was time to do something about it. Around 10:30PM I was taken to the emergency room where for the next 5 hours I was getting all kinds of medical test done. Around 3:00AM I was taken to a bed in the emergency room where I was told I had acute appendicitis. Part of was relieved that they found what it was and could fix it, after all my appendix had not ruptured so the surgery would be a easy one and it would quick be over . . . little did I know that it was far from over.

       After getting more lab work done and being in observation for a day I was taken into surgery at 12:00AM on July 23rd. What was suppose to be a 2-3 hour surgery done laparoscopically (small 1 inch incisions on my abdomen) turned into a 8 hour open surgery. What was meant to be the removal of my appendix turned into the removal of part of my small intestine and colon. When my surgical team saw that they could not remove my appendix the easy way and had to open my stomach up they were met with a extremely swollen and infected appendix that was causing a blockage on my small intestine and colon. Being the biggest appendix they had ever seen, my team had to put my surgery on hold and had to call a pathologist from their home to come and observe my appendix to make sure it was safe for them to move on. Once the pathologist gave my team the signal that it was okay to continue with the surgery they carefully removed it and send it to get tested for cancerous cells. I was taken back to my room around 8:15AM and I vaguely remember seeing my mother and older sister in the room waiting for me. As expected I was in uncomfortable pain when I was fully awake. When my doctors came in to explain to me why my surgery took longer I was surprised to find out that my small intestine has a hole on it's wall that leaked bacteria onto my appendix causing it to swell. A week later after going on antibiotics and although I was still in pain the doctor let me go home, but not before one last blood lab to be done. I was thrilled to be home even though I was in pain and had to take 2 different medications. However the following morning around 10:00 am as my mother was giving me breakfast my doctor called my house letting me know that they needed me to go back to the hospital that my blood work showed a high infection in my system.

     It is no surprise I was scared that there was something more serious wrong with me, I was still in pain and had to take pain killers which I was resisting but I had no choice. For the following 3 weeks I would get blood work, CT Scans, X-rays, and went on 3 different antibiotic treatments because my doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. Until finally my diagnosis came in, the reason why my blood still showed a infection was because I have Crohns disease. Once my diagnosis was in they were able to give me the proper medication, and finally after a month I was able to go home. I was still on strict orders to keep rested, don't over do it with activities, and was prescribe with 3 different medication that I took 5 times a day, in total I would swallow 10 pills a day. But at least I was home and I was glad to go on with my normal life.

     But it was not easy to adjust to my old life once I was out of the hospital. I would feel lonely, depressed, anxious, and had bad nightmares. I did not feel like myself. I had no desire to do anything other than sleep and feel the summer air. Once I got back to school and began my fashion courses all over again I felt feeling like myself again. I am excited and looking forward to the projects, speakers, new friends, and new experiences I have made and done. I still feel a little down every know and then. I also realized I will have to go to a specialist to get the proper treatment for my Crohns disease and until then I will have to deal with being tired a lot more frequently and tried to stay away from things that trigger stomach pains such as stress, pork, greasy and overly spicy food.

     Overall, It was a experience I wont ever forget. Yes I am alive and I am grateful for that. I am also grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses that took care of me. They were all very sweet and nice to me and my family, I could of not have asked for a better team. I also am grateful for my mother who stood by me 24/7 and the rest of my family and friends as well. I truly felt loved from everyone around me.As for me, my life is going on and I am gaining my strength back and with that some of hopefulness in my future.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fashion School Outfits: First Week of School

       This week I started my Fall 2013 semester and so started my second semester as a fashion student. I am taking it easy this semester with only two classes instead of five like last semester because I am still recovering from surgery and a very long stay in the hospital. I also want to start blogging again, so I came up with the idea to show my outfits from the days I go to school and every now and then write about my courses, but I will leave that for a separate post. So let me get started on my fashion and beauty looks . . .


Tuesday: On Tuesday my first day back I wore my creme and black polka dot blouse from Lauren Conrad with my black straight jeans. For jewelry I wore my gold diamond bow cuff bracelet paired with a pearl bracelet and a gold diamond chain link bracelet, with my gold diamond bow earrings. As for shoes I wore black flats with a gold medallion on the front inspired by the famous Tory Burch flats.

Thursday: Temperatures here in Los Angeles are at a ultimate high, seriously I cannot handle, so I decided to wear my orange coral lace dress that I got in Las Vegas in May. Because I love my smallish waist I always like to cinch it when I can so I wore my black skinny belt around my waist, the only bad side about that decision is that  I cant put the belt tightly because of my surgery so it was loose so the buckle would keep moving to the side, what a bummer. I accessorized with my 3 layered mint colored crystal bead necklace similar to the set I made above except mine is brighter, I also wore a black scarf with multi colored flowers in blue, violet, turquoise, coral, and lilac that is also very similar to the one pictured above. For shoes I just wore plain black flats.

Beauty & Hair:

Tuesday: For my hair I just curled my hair with my bangs twisted and pinned to the side a la Lauren Conrad. My makeup was just as simple, I did my usual foundation routine, dusted some copper eye shadow, put on cat eyeliner, and because my outfit was very neutral I wore my Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Tart to give me a pop of color. 

Thursday: My hair was even more simple than on Tuesday. I left my hair in it's natural texture (Pin straight) and braided a goddess braid on each side and pinned it to the back of my head with a clip. As more my makeup I did the same copper eye shadow with cat eyeliner, coral blush and a nude lip gloss since my outfit was bright enough I wanted to keep my face simple.

      So I have a confession to make. Lately I have not been feeling my clothes, I almost despise them with the exception of a few items. But since I cannot go and buy a new wardrobe I have to work with what I got. It has been so hard deciding what to wear each time I go out since I am unsatisfied in everything. I literally came up with my Thursday outfit that same very morning, I have worn the dress before but this was the first I accessorized it the way it is. Now I wish I had someone to take pictures of my outfits so I can post them up for you all instead but I don't so instead I make Polyvore sets of the outfits I wear using the exact pieces I have or that are 99% similar, so for the most part the outfits are true to the way they are in real life. Any differences will be pointed out by me.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Trend of the Moment: Love Jewelry


       It may not be February the month of Love but Love sure is in the air . . . or at least in your jewelry.  A popular trend on the moment has to be showing your Love in everything from watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. So go on and show your Love this season with fun quirky jewelry. I own a LOVE Cuff watch that I just Love! (No pun intended . . . yes it was intended) and a Love necklace that I like to pair it with.

Where to find them:

      Have you tried this trend out? and if you have not are you  willing to try this trend out or is it a pass for you? Let me know in the comment below.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Life Gets Stressful . . .

It seems that the older we get, the more stressful life gets. Shouldn't it be less stressful because we are growing older and wiser? Or is because we are older and tend to over think things more. How I wish for the days where my biggest concern is weather to play hide and seek or dolls. How can I not care about things that out of my control? It seems my biggest downfall is that I care too much. I worry too much also and it is driving me crazy. The only thing I can do is keep repeating at myself that everything will be okay . . . but what if it isn't? What do I do then?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Makeup Review: BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette Review

BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palette Review

A few weeks ago I received a sample from BA STAR Makeup to review for all you fabulous bloggers. Including a 50% discount to be used at checkout if you chose to buy something.


Nice Colors
Glitter can be used for dramatic eye looks.



My Opinion:

I use brown eyeshadows the most so when I received this sample with brown neutral colors I was excited because I knew I would be able to use them as everyday looks. I found the eyeshadows to be moderately pigmented and build-able  It was easy to create a neutral smoky eye. The only downside to this palette is the smell. When I first opened the palette the smell of makeup was pretty strong. Luckily it did not last long so by the time I put it on my eyes the smell had diminished. I went to the the products website at  and saw that they have other products that look good enough to try out such as bronzers and blushers. The best part of this makeup line it is affordable which make it great for girls who are on a budget or starting out with wearing makeup.

Who would like this? 

Because of the glitter I think this palette would be perfect for creating a dramatic look. It be perfect for theater  and dance competitions. The matte colors would be good to use on a everyday basis, as so is the Smoky Palette Girls who are on a budget or barely starting to experience with makeup will enjoy this makeup line.

Overall Rating: 

3 1/3 out of 5



FTC: This Sponsored Post is Powered by BrandBacker and BA STAR Cosmetics. The palette used for this review was given to me for free to review. My opinions on this product are solely my own.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Feeling Blue

      Above I created a outfit on Polyvore; based on a exact outfit I wore a few weeks ago. I wore a white ruffle pin-tuck blouse with a mesh peter pan collar by Lauren Conrad from her Spring 2013 line with a black cardigan over it, paired with my cobalt blue jeans, accessorized with my peacock headband and peacock necklace. Finished off with my gold medallion black flats. I also wore a oval purple gem stone ring with turquoise and blue accents but I did not have a picture of it to show. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Ways to Spice Up a T-shirt and Jeans Combo

Above I created a quick and non-complicated guide to spice up a jean and t-shirt combo. This is a perfect formula to use when you have no time or mind to put together a outfit.  The beauty of this is that it looks you like spend hours creating this outfit even though you really have not. At least for me this always works, and I hope it works for you as well.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Personal Post: Just Because . . .

      Just because you are not the "appropriate size"with a perfect smile does not mean you are not beautiful. Just because you are not a genius does not mean you are stupid. Just because you are single does not mean you have to be lonely. Just because you are shy does not mean you are invisible. Just because you have stopped loving them does not mean you still don't miss them from time to time. You may not be like the rest, but that is what makes you special.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

White, Black, & All That Sparkles . . .

      So on Sunday it was my 23rd Birthday. It was pretty great. I got to go to a panel and Meet & Greet for one of my favorite shows "Once Upon a Time" in Beverley Hills  and managed to get autographs and a Happy Birthday by Ginniefer Goodwin. I will write a post about my experience later.

     My sister gave me some black flats with a gold medallion in the middle (Inspired by Tory Burch) and she gave me a top from the new collection of LC Lauren Conrad. Ever sine I got it I have been thinking of ways to style my cute new shirt. So far I have come up with the above set I made on Polyvore. I paired the shirt with my black straight jeans. For shoes I added the new flats my sister bought me that are inspired by the Tory Birch flats. As for jewelry i came up with stacking my pearl bracelets, gold with diamonds chain bracelet, with my gold bow with diamond bracelet. Finished off with my Gold bow stretch ring. Because we all need to wear bags I added a long envelope clutch. For my hair I figured it would look best in curls.

     Well that is what I have come up with so far. I hope you liked it. And if you have any ideas on how to style my new shirt feel free to let me know, I would love our input.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Problems . . .

I found the above quote on my Facebook news-feed and I could not stop laughing! It is funny because it is so true. I know I am not the only one so I know I had to share it with all of you. I hope you are all doing well, I am a bit busy with school but it is all going well. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Lazy Day Outfit: Thursday

       Okay I admit, I had a lazy week this week at school. So I did not put as much effort in my dressing as I should have considering that I am a fashion student. On Thursday I wore black jeans (again), a white and black striped top with my black cardigan over it with only the center button up. For shoes I wore my leopard print ballet flats. I also wore my long over-sized leaf necklace with the matching earrings (similar to the ones shown above). As for my hair I pulled out the sides of my hair and tied in to the back with a red bow. I did not feel like wearing makeup so I just put on some foundation and mascara, finished off with my favorite red lipstick (Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet). Oh and I wore my black framed eyeglasses.

Lazy Day Outfit: Wednesday

     I was feeling a bit lazy on Wednesday so I put on this quick outfit on. I wore black jeans tucked into my fashion guilty pleasure (Ugg Boots), a slightly oversize yellow v-neck, with my black leather jacket, topped with my pink scarf tied like a braid. My scarf has yellow and orange but the main color is this exact shade of pink. I felt as if I should of wore some hoop earrings, but when I realized this I was at school already. If I wear this outfit again, I will most likely wear earrings.

Spring 2013 Lookbook: L'Amour by Nanette Lepore

      Known for bold colors, lace, ruffles, evocative prints, and signature silhouettes. Nanette Lepore is a favorite fashion designer among celebs. Luckily Nanette Lepore has recently come out with a affordable line that include all those details she is known for. Her line which you can get at Jcpenney has a price range of $17-$50, which makes it affordable to those without a big bank account. Below are some of her items. . .

       My mother actually bought me the sleeveless baby doll shirt from above in black as a early birthday present. I love it! Are you interested in something from Nanette Lepore's new affordable line? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Personal Post: First Week As A Fashion Student

My outfit for my first day . . .

     This week I began school as a Fashion Merchandising student. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Because after years of studying for something completely different I finally found what it was I meant to do. And this past Tuesday I began my way to achieving my dream. I spent almost two months looking thru my closet to find the perfect first day outfit. I wore a white lace shirt with a black leather peter pan collar, pink colored skinny jeans, and a mint colored bow pocket cardigan. For accessories I wore stackable rings in pink, mint and gold tones. A blue, pink, and creme colored flower earrings, and my Betsey Johnson necklace. Finished off with so black flats and used my Betsey Johnson school bag.

I declare that my first week as a fashion student was a success. I cannot wait to see all the things I am going to learn in my classes. Here is hoping for the best.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivational Monday . . .

          Every Monday I post a inspirational or cute quote to keep readers motivated and ready for the upcoming week. I hope you all have a amazing week!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trend to Try: Polka Dot Jeans

       Okay ladies I am pretty excited about this new trend. As you can see that would be Polka Dot print jeans! We are used too seeing polka dot on blouses and sweaters, but recently we have been seeing them on jeans. Although they have been around since last year, it seems like they are gaining more popularity among fashion bloggers which means they will be hitting the streets in the masses pretty soon. I found some from Jcpenney and Old Navy that I would not mind buying. Who know maybe I will get them as a birthday present next month.

       How about you ladies? Do feel like giving this trend a try or will you be sticking to solids? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Style This: Leather Skirt

      To some people styling a leather skirt can be difficult, and rightly so. Leather is synonymous with rock n' roll and bad boys in Harley Davidson's. Paired with the right top and perfect accessories you can turn a leather skirt to a classy sweet look. So read on to find out how I put together this look.



Choosing a top with feminine details like lace, light colors, ruffles, bows, or rounded collars while be a good contrast from the edgy vibe that a leather skirt can give. 


    Pile on cute jewelry that compliments each other that have a slight vintage vibe. I love pastels, cameos, and flowers. Which is why I choose the items that I did for the outfit.


    I always found that clutches, and small side purses screamed girly. And I believe every girl should carry a purse with them, it is much more stylish than putting things in your pockets and can complete a otherwise unfinished outfit. So consider one of these bags when choosing your outfit.


    Shoes, shoes, and shoes! What girl does not love them. Because I have sensitive feet I chose footwear that I can personally use such as flats, oxford flats, and wedges. But if you love heels and can wear them, feel free to use those instead.


       Accessories changes the outfit in 0.2 seconds. For the outfit above I chose a cute pink beret hat that is plain adorbs! You can also wear a floral scarf  or if it is sunny some cute shades.

     When it comes to a leather skirt you can style it in many different ways to fit your particular style. Because my style is very pink and girly I styled the leather skirt that way. So don't feel limited when it comes to styling your leather skirt. Feel free to let tell me the way you would style a leather skirt. I would love to other peoples style.

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