Monday, January 27, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures . . .

   A little about my weekend in pictures . . . .


       I started my weekend by eating strawberry toaster pastry and drinking tea, while reading the month Vogue magazine with Lena Dunham on the cover. I have found these magazines extremely useful in my classes, I constantly need to tear out pictures for homework and projects in class. 

      On Saturday I went to a "Frozen" theme birthday party which was extremely cute and fun! For the party I wore . . .
  • LC Lauren Conrad Dusty Pink Tulle Pleated Maxi Skirt: I got this skirt last week and I adore it! It is my fave item in my closet right now. I folded the gold waist band inside and used a skinny gold belt instead.
  • Mossimo White V-Neck from Target: I took a white v-neck tee and tucked it inside the skirt.
  • Gap Jean Jacket: I wore a a jean jacket with sleeves rolled up that I borrowed from my sister that she has had for maybe around 8 years, so it looks worn and I like worn jean jackets. 
  • LC Lauren Conrad Nude Flats: My parents gave me these flats for Christmas, this is the third time I wore them so they still give me blisters but I love them.
  • LC Lauren Conrad Gold Pink Flower Long Necklace: I need to accessorize, so I just put on a long simple necklace to my outfit would not be too boring.
  • Asos Black Satchel Purse: I got this purse like 3 weeks ago when it was on sale, so this is currently my to go purse right now. 
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer Shades: It was sunny so I just put on my favorite black sunglasses. 

      Like I said above, on Saturday I went to a "Frozen" theme Birthday Party. It was a fun magical little party with delicious sweets and even a appearance by Queen Elsa! But these Olaf center pieces were my favorite! How cute is it!

      On Sunday I did the usual routine. Me and my family went to church, ran errands, and made dinner together. Sunday is usually a bit busy because we drive all around town to do things but this week we only had 2 places to go too so it was refreshing to have a much more easier Sunday. That day I wore . . .
  • Forever 21 Black Skater Skirt: I have also been obsess over this skirt.
  • Gap White and Black Striped Tank Top: My favorite tank top! I honestly feel like this is one of my most worn shirts. Such a staple. 
  • Gap Jean Jacket: I re-wore the jean jacket I wore for the birthday party also with the sleeves rolled up.
  • H&M Black Opaque Tights: It was a bit chilly in the morning so I put on some  black tights to keep me warm during the church service.
  • Mossimo Red Patent Leather Flats from Target: I needed some color into the outfit so I put on my red flats.
  • Gold/Black Leather Cuff & Black Gold Stud Heart Earring: I kept the accessories simple, so I wore this Gold/ Black Leather Cuff I got from Charlotte Russe with some Black Heart Earrings that has some Gold Studs that watch with the cuff, I usually pair them together.
  • Asos Black Satchel Purse: My favorite purse at the moment so I wear with everything.
  • Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick in Red Velvet: My makeup was so simple that day ()Foundation, Blush, and Mascara) that I wanted add red lips. So I wore my favorite red lipstick.

     I ended my weekend by watching my two favorite shows; Downton Abbey and Sherlock while eating a delicious marble flavored cupcakes and doing my nails afterwards. 

Overall I enjoyed my weekend It was not dull nor overly busy but it was a good one. I hope all weekends could be the same pace as this one, maybe this year I will have more good weekends and less bad ones.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The 11/30 System: How to Get a 30 Outfits With Just 11 Wardrobe Pieces

 This past semester in school during my Clothing Selection course, my professor gave the class very handy system to use with ourselves and with clients. A system that we call the 11/30 system, which we manage to take 11 clothing pieces and create a month worth of outfits.

Breaking it all down:

The system is very easy to follow and remember. It does not include shoes and accessories but I promise that once you add them the outfits will just look better. Once you learn the system and how to use it, it makes getting ready much easier. So here is the break down . . .

  • 3 Tops
  • 3 Bottoms
  • 3 Jackets
  • 2 Dresses

The trick is to finding items that will go with your personal style, lifestyle, and that they can easily match up with everything else. 

Making the Outfits:

For the purpose of this post I will make 30 outfits with classic wardrobe pieces, you don't have to use these exact pieces if you decide to do it on your own, you can use the same formula but with pieces that are more your style. You can also just make adjustments and use the formula thru the seasons by changing the fabric of the clothes and the shapes and colors and prints.  

Pieces I Used:

  • Tops: Blue Chambray Blouse, Black Lace Blouse, & White/Black Stripe Tank Top.
  • Bottoms: Black Skater Skirt, Black Jeans, & Blue Jeans.
  • Jackets: Black Blazer, Tan Trench Coat, & Black Leather Jacket
  • Dresses: Little Black Dress and Day Dress


  1. Black Lace Blouse + Black Jeans + Tan Trench Coat
  2. Blue Chambray Blouse + Blue Jeans + Black Blazer
  3. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Black Jeans + Black Leather Jacket
  4. Little Black Dress + Tan Trench Coat
  5. Black Lace Blouse + Blue Jeans + Black Leather Jacket
  6. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Blue Chambray Blouse + Black Skater Skirt
  7. Black Lace Blouse + Black Skater  Skirt + Black Leather Jacket
  8. White/Black Stripe Tank Top +  Black Skater Skirt + Black Blazer
  9. Little Black Dress + Black Blazer   
  10. Day Dress + Tan Trench Coat
  11. Black Lace Blouse + Black Skater  Skirt + Tan Trench Coat  
  12. Little Black Dress + Black Leather Jacket
  13. Day Dress + Black Blazer
  14. Day Dress  + Black Leather Jacket
  15. Little Black Dress
  16. Day Dress
  17. Black Lace Blouse + Black Jeans
  18. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Blue Jeans
  19. White/Black Stripe Tank Top +  Black Skater Skirt  + Black Leather Jacket
  20. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Blue Jeans + Tan Trench Coat
  21. White/Black Stripe Tank Top +  Black Skater Skirt + Black Blazer
  22. Black Lace Blouse + Black Skater Skirt + Black Blazer
  23. Black Lace Blouse + Blue Jeans + Tan Trench Coat 
  24. Blue Chambray Blouse + Black Jeans  + Black Blazer  
  25. Blue Chambray Blouse + Black Skater Skirt
  26. Black Lace Blouse + Black Skater Skirt
  27. Black Lace Blouse + Black Jeans
  28. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Blue Chambray Blouse + Blue Jeans
  29. White/Black Stripe Tank Top + Blue Jeans + Black Leather Jacket
  30. Blue Chambray Blouse + Blue Jeans + Black Leather Jacket

Making the outfits can get a bit challenging after you use all the pieces once, so you sometimes have to get a bit creative. But once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Well I hope this system will help you as much as it has helped me.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Chapter, New Me! Hopefully . . . .

I can't believe it is already 2014! Wow 2013 sure went fast. What a stressful and bad year I had, but I also had some good. Last year I made the brave decision to study what I was truly meant to do, I got a new puppy who I just adore and love more than anything in my world! And I still have my family and friends.

I am looking forward for this new year. I am determine to make it a good one with my family and friends. I also plan to be more involve in life. I have high hopes and positives vibes for myself this year. Also, me and my two friends are planning a blog that I hope you will follow as well. So thank you for still keeping my blog in your blogs list and thank you for the visits despite I have not been so involved in the blog recently. I fully intend on being more involve and making changes such as posting outfit post.

Can't wait to hear from you all once again!

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