Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To: Put on Bronzer

Ever wanted to put on bronzer but just don't know how? Well keep on reading for this quick step by step tutorial along with a video giving you a easy quick way to apply bronzer. But before you begin to use bronzer take the time to find the right bronzer for your skin tone because if not you will end up looking fake and unnatural. For putting bronzer on your face it is best to use a dome shaped brush (Kabuki Brush), a angled blush brush, or even a regular blush brush will work just as well.

Step 1: Before we begin to put on the bronzer you need to prep your face for it. First you will apply sunscreen to your face and anywhere where the sun will hit, let it sit for 5 minutes. Afterwards put on your moisturizer on your face, also let it sit for 5 minutes. If you use primer then you should put that on your face as well.

Step 2: After prepping your face add powder or foundation to your face if you wish to hide any unwanted blemishes. If concealer is part of your makeup routine then add that as well.

Step 3: You are now ready to add your bronzer. You are going to take your brush and swirl it in your bronzer, tap off the excess. Start at mid forehead, down to your temple (side of head) to mid cheek where your cheek bone is (like a C). From mid cheek you will bring it back to where your ear is go down your jaw line all the way to your chin, so it's basically like putting a 3 on your face. Repeat to the other side your face.

Step 4: Once you finish putting the bronzer on your face take a little bit more bronzer and swipe it down your nose and a bit on your chin. Don't forget to add some bronzer on your neck otherwise you will have a different color,and voila! you are finished. If you want to add blush to your face go ahead and do that by smiling in the mirror and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

The purpose for bronzer is to give your face a nice healthy glow and to add definition on your face so it wont look flat, not change your entire skin color like the cast of Jersey Shore. That is why we put the bronzer in a number 3 motion because it only adds bronzer on the places where the ligth hits. Now you know how to properly apply bronzer, once you get the hang of it you will end up looking more like Kim Kardashian and nothing like Snooki.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hit or Miss? Ugg Boots

Although Ugg boots have been around for surfers in Australia and New Zealand since the 1960's the Ugg boots rose to new heights of popularity in the U.S in 2005 when hot celebs like Britney Spears and Kate Hudson were spotted wearing these comfy sheepskin boots, and it seemed like everybody wanted a part of this trend. Six years later and this popular trend is still going on strong, especially among middle school and high school girls. For years the topic on whether Ugg boots are fashionable or not has been a popular debate among the fashion community. While some may think that Ugg boots are ugly, tacky, the shoe of choice for lazy girls in college, and a sad attempt for girls trying to be fashionable. Others may say that Ugg boots are cute, warm, comfortable, and has even become a fashion necessity for many girls wardrobe. In my opinion while I do agree that they aren't quite fashionable and in fact a bit ugly (that was my first impression of them) I love how warm and comfy they are. Ugg boots have actually become my go-to shoe on those cold days when I'm feeling lazy and just want to be comfortable. Because after wearing flats and sandals everyday my feet need a little break and comfort. Besides there is nothing wrong with choosing comfort over style once in awhile. Which is why Ugg boots are HIT in my book, but what do you think? Are Ugg boots on your hit list or should they disappear? Let me know.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Accessory: Scarves

An example of how a scarve can complete a outfit
 If you asked me what my favorite fashion accessory is I would have to say scarves in a heartbeat. Scarves aren't just for fall and winter, now you can wear them anytime of the year thanks to the many different materials scarves are made out of. To me scarves are the most easiest and versatile fashion accessory out there. You can use them on your hair as a headband, around your hips and tied like a belt, tied in a bow on the handle of your purse, and of course the many different ways to tie it around your neck. You can tie it in a bow, or wrap it around your neck once or twice and tie it, and even fold it in half put it on your neck and loop it. The possibilities are endless and you can always count on these accessories to change up a whole outfit. Weather you prefer them light weight or thick grandma made scarfs, or both like me. It is always a good idea to have some in your wardrobe because you never know when they may come in handy.

The Eternal Puzzle a Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to wear: 3 Fool Proof Outfits

Photo from "The Devil Wears Prada"
 It seems like this little dilemma happens way more often than it should. I'm the girl with a huge closet and drawers full of clothes but can never find what to wear and I know I'm not the only one. That is why it is a good idea to have at least 3 go-to outfits for those days when you cant find what to wear.

Outfit 1: Casual Chic (Jeans, Solid colored plain shirt, Scarf, and Flats)
For the first outfit I paired up dark washed skinny jeans with a plain white tank top with detailing on the strap. As for accessories I chose a pretty floral scarf and picked red ballet flats for the shoes. And for jewelry since I have scarf included I decided not to include a necklace and instead just chose simple pretty circle dangling gold earrings paired up with a cuffed bracelet made up of the same circles pattern as the earrings. *Optional: If it is a little bit chilly outside put on a jacket or cute little cardigan over your outfit*

Outfit 2: Girly Casual (Dress, Flats/sandals, Dainty jewelry, and Side bag)

For the second option I chose a pretty creme colored dress with pink and orange flowers. Since I didn't want to over do the outfit and want the floral dress to remain the focus point I made everything else very simple. I chose plain gold jewelry that is pretty but doesn't stand out and some gold strapy sandals. *Optional: Instead of sandals you can go for some pretty flats and add a cardigan over your dress*

Outfit 3: Laid back Casual (Skinny Jeans, Graphic tee, Converse, Sunglasses, and Beanie)
As for the final outfit I put together a much more casual and bit more edgy outfit together. I just paired a  gray vintage looking Rolling Stones tee with burgundy colored skinny jeans. As for shoes I just added black low top converse. Since this is a much more low maintenance laid back outfit I didn't add any jewelry to the outfit but because I don't like my outfits to be too plain looking I just added a beanie to add to my head and some black ray-bans for a more rock n' roll feel. *Optional: Depending on the weather you can add a cool jacket over your outfit*

These are just a few examples of 3 quick fool proof outfits that you can have in your closet for those days when you cant find anything to wear. Although these are examples of my go-to outfits they might not be yours so I suggest to take the time to pick out a few go-to outfits from your closet and I promise you will be looking fabulous all the time.

A Quick Make-up Look For Girls On The Go:

Completed Make-up look
For this weeks post I have decided to write an article inspired by my best friend Diana who would like to do her makeup for school everyday but just doesn't have time. So I thought I shared with you my quick go-to makeup routine that I use whenever I'm in a hurry or too lazy to do my whole makeup. This make-up look isn't just for girls who are in a hurry but also for girls who are starting to use makeup and need a good solid start before they begin to experiment with different colors and looks. Lets get started.

  • Face Powder ( I used Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup in 130 N)
  • Blush (I used E.L.F Studio Line Blush in Candid Coral)
  • Eyelash Curler (I used my Revlon Eyelash Curler)
  • Mascara ( I used my Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara)
  • Lipstick/Lip Gloss (I used my E.L.F Essentials Lipstick in Gypsy, and my L.A Colors clear lip-gloss)
      Step 1:
After you have prepped your face (Moisturize and Sunscreen). Dust some of your powder all over your face and neck to hide any blemishes. *Shortcut: Instead of using a powder you can use a tinted moisturizer instead. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone and even better if it has SPF included.*
      Step 2:
Following step 1 sweep a blush color in a C-stroke motion. You can achieve this by smiling at yourself in the mirror and start sweeping the blush at the apples of your cheek and sweep them upward toward your temples. This technique will gives your cheeks a more glowing defined look.
      Step 3:
Next you will grab your eyelash curler (If you have one) and curl your eyelashes 3 times. First curl at the root of your lashes, then curl at the middle of your eyelashes, and finally you will curl at the tips of your lashes. After your done curling your eyelashes you will add 2 coats of mascara and one small stroke on your bottom lashes.
      Step 4:
Finally finish of your look with any lip wear of your choice. Since the rest of your face is simple don't be afraid to use a bolder lip color to play up your lips.

And there you have it girls, a quick and easy look that anyone can easily emulate. That will make your natural beauty shine that will make you look beautiful no matter how much time you have.
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