Monday, December 5, 2011

My Black Friday Purchase. . .

I know this post is really late but I wanted to wait for item a from JewelMint to arrive before I wrote a post about what I bougth on black Friday. I did not buy alot of stuff on black Friday but what I did buy I got  a wonderful price for them.
My first purchase was a 1.7 oz of Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume for $10. Sephora was having 10 items for $10 sale, where everything on a table was only $10. They had 10 items from each brand that included  Stila, The Body Shop, Lorac, Sephora, Laura Mercer, Makeup Forever, and others. So if you weren't there when they opened, chances were that you would not find these deals. Luckily I was there pretty early and when I saw that they had the Pink Sugar Perfume I knew I had to get it. I've heard good things about this perfume and when I smelled it for the first time back in May I knew I had to have it. The perfume smells like candy that makes you think of your childhood days with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel. *Sigh*

My second black Friday purchase was from Jewelmint for only $9 including free shipping. I'm not a member of Jewelmint but I did take the quiz from their page so I was registered, I just never bougth anything. That is until Thanksgiving weekend when they send me a coupon for any piece of jewelry for $9, and I finally made the jump to buy something. I chose this pretty gold-white crystal bow bracelet that appeared in my Jewelmint showroom and I fell in love. To me this bracelet is so girly and elegant that I feel like this bracelet would give a pop of something special to any outfit. And I'm so excited to create many different outfits with this beautiful bracelet. *Caution: Jewelmint is a $29.99 a month jewelry club, after you have made your first purchase with Jewelmint they will charge you $29.99 to your credit card each month. Unless you skip the month before the 5th day of the month or just cancel your membership completely like I did. Do not get me wrong, they have amazing pieces of jewelry but for $29.99 a month, no thank you*

And those are my black Friday purchases, thank you ladies for reading. I would also love to hear what amazing things you bougth on the busiest shopping day of the season. Also stay tuned this week for a special post announcing a new series.  
   XOXO Mayra


  1. Love that pink sugar perfume. I want one too. Nice haul girl.

  2. I didn't buy anything fun for myself Black Friday shopping, I got some Christmas presents for my boyfriend at a REALLY good price though!! Love the bracelet, it's super cute! I'm having an accessory giveaway on my blog today, I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  3. love the bracelet ^_^


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