Monday, November 28, 2011

D.I.Y: Beauty Binder

Have a bunch of magazines laying around not knowing what do with them but don't want to throw them away because you fear that there may be something in there you may use one day? Well I have the perfect solution for you. Why not make a Beauty Binder out of them? A beauty binder is a binder full of fashion advice, beauty tips, makeup ideas that you would like to try. I actually came up with this during the summer when I was going thru old magazines and thought "Wow there is alot of useful information in these magazines, but there is so many. How will I keep track of all of them?" and that's when the idea of making a beauty binder came to my mind. Instead of putting things in my walls or keeping piles and piles of magazines that only take up space, why not just put them all together neatly and organized in a easily accessible binder?
Materials you need

Things needed:
  • Stacks of magazines
  • Binder
  • Sheet Protectors

1. Get all of your magazines and go thru them page by page and rip out/cut out any fashion tips, beauty advice, makeup inspiration you would like to try. *Optional: I also ripped out inspiration pieces that can give me a confidence boost*

2. Once you have all the pages you want to put in the binder you are going to put them in sheet protectors. On the pages where there are advertisements behind it you can put it back to back with another page that has a advertisement behind it and put them in a single sheet protector.

An example of the inside

3. After you have them all in their sheet protectors you can now put them in the binder. *Optional: I organized mine by sections (Beauty, Hair, Makeup, Fashion, and Inspirational) So if you like, you can also organize them by sections.*

4. As for the cover you can make it yourself by adding glitter, ribbon, magazine cut outs, stickers whatever you want, make it unique like you. I used a page from the magazine that I thougth was perfect for my binder, but I'm still in the process of making a new cover by using scrapbook paper and scrapbook stickers and embellishments.

 And as easy as that you have your very own beauty binder .Now you can easily keep track of all the ideas and tips you want to try out and recycle all those old magazine that have no more use for you and make room for all the new magazines coming your way. If you make yourself one I would love to see how it turns out. . .


  1. Loving your blog,
    check out mine?

  2. This is such a good idea! Definitely going to give this a go :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way! xo

  3. Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    This is a very good and creative, and also organized!! idea, i love it! :D
    Keep up the good work :) <3

  4. I would love to see the beauty binders you girls make =-)

  5. WooW such a good idea I never thought of doing that!

  6. This is such a good idea. Why haven't I though of this before!? Thanks for joining my blog :) xo


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