Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty Problems: Covering up a zit

Pyhsician Formula

 It happens to all of us, that little zit that seems to appear when we least expect it. But have no fear, thanks to the miracle of makeup we can now cover up those pesky zits without piling up the extra coverage. All you need to cover up the zit are 2 things.
  • Green tinted concealer
  • Regular concealer
Step 1:
Dot green-tinted concealer directly on your pimple and gently pat it on. The green reduces the redness of the pimple.
Step 2:
Dot on some of your favorite concealer over the pimple and gently pat it down till it is blended. This blends into your skin so that way nobody will notice that you have anything.

And it's just that easy to cover up your zit. Although it is better not to use any makeup on it and let it take its own course, it seems that these pesky little suckers pop up on days when it is necessary to wear makeup. Nonetheless, now you have a quick and easy way to cover up those unwelcome little visitors.

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