Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace Kelly!

Today is the birthday of Grace Kelly, an American actress turned Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III in April 1956. This Philadelphia native was more than just a pretty face with great style, she was also a great actress nominated for various Golden Globe and winning a Academy Award for her lead in "The Country Girl" in 1954. Grace Kelly had class, elegance, beauty,style and compassion everything a Princess should be which was no surprised when Prince Rainier chose her to be his wife. As Princess of Monaco she went on to achieve great things as founding the World Association of Children, and being actively involved in the art community. She also had a impeccable sense of style! Being the Princess of Monaco she knew she couldn't dress as sexy as the other stars of her time but her femininity, elegance, and classy choices made her stand out just as much as the rest. Which is why she was considered a fashion icon, for showing the world you can still receive attention by being a classy lady. She is still much of a style icon now that she then, by being an inspiration to a whole new generation. Kate Middleton's wedding dress was even inspired by Grace Kelly wedding dress. Sadly Grace Kelly died in September 1982 when she suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter Princess Stephanie. Grace Kelly may be long gone but her legacy still leaves on.

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