Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hit or Miss? Feathers

Feathers in high fashion
Hey ladies, I'm back for another installment of Hit or Miss?, and this time I will be discussing feathers in the fashion world. It seems that this year they have been everywhere from clothes, hair, decoration, and jewelry (to name a few). Although this seems to be the big trend of the year it is by no means something new. Feathers have been used in clothing and as accessories probably since 16th century Europe, if not earlier. Royalty and aristocrats used feathers as decorations and on their wardrobes. During the 1920's, flappers used to adorn their dresses with feathers to give movement when they danced. And even during the 80's girls used to wear feathers in their hair. See how nothing ever truly leaves the fashion world for good, they just seem to take a break before they resurface again with a fresh new outlook.

Stars from the hit show "Pretty Little Liars" rocking the feather trend on the show and off.
 In my opinion the feather trend hit big this year when it was shown on two characters from the ABC family hit show "Pretty Little Liars", a show watched by millions of young girls. So in my opinion I give credit to the shows costume designer Mandi Line for putting this trend out there. Now I'll be honest when I first saw feathers being used as a possible fashion trend a few years back I was not too convinced. In my 17 year old mind I thought it looked tacky, maybe I was just not seeing it used properly I do not know but either way I had crossed it from my mental Hit or Miss list. That is until late last year where I started seeing it again in fashion magazines and I realized that in fact I did like this trend. Now I do not know if I had finally seen the feather trend used properly or I just grew up and opened my mind up more but in no time I was considering using feathers in my hair, a concept my family and a few friends found interesting and odd(Probably because the feather trend had not yet hit main stream yet).

Me in my peacock feather headband (Thanks Diana)
I most especially seem to have a likeness for peacock feathers! I had always loved the colors but it seemed now my fascination was growing, you can imagine my joy when my best friend gave a peacock feather headband and peacock feather earrings for Christmas last year. So this trend is on my HIT list because I just love, love, love it! What I love about this trend is that I honestly believe that everyone can wear it, no matter what style you are. What do you think? Hit or Miss?


  1. Feathers are a complete HIT! Adore feather earrings especially X

  2. you have an awesome banner, and love the look of your blog. the kids are in bed, and i sat down in front of my comp. and had fun reading through your posts. :) you're so awesome, and i'm your new follower. hope to stay connected, and have a good night!


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