Saturday, January 28, 2012

If I Had A World Of My Own. . .

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thought. . . .

Feels good to be back. . .

          Hi guys! Sorry I have not been so active this week like I usually am but I go back to school next week so I'm getting everything ready to start another semester in college. I'm really excited to go back to school and see my friends and acquaintances. I'm also starting to clean my room and helping my parents clean out their room so they can be painted soon. The good news is that I still have plenty of ideas in mind for this blog and although I do not know how much time school will take out of me I still promise to try to update as much as I can, so bear with me my fellow bloggers and followers =-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Spring Trend: Peplum

          While the rest of the world complains about  the harsh weather and counting the days till spring comes around again, us fashionistas eagerly await for the new trends of the spring season. With all the interesting trends coming this season why not begin with the by far the most interested one in my eyes- the peplum dress/skirt.

          This 40's and 80's fashion with a cinched waist has resurface once again (like many things do) and has been seen on the runways and on celebrities. The peplum gives off a retro, flirty, elegant, feminine vibe that it is no wonder how popular it is becoming. Not something one could wear everyday, but it is something that would look great on special occasions.

Tips on How to Wear a Peplum:
          Wearing a Peplum piece can be a very daunting thing to do, especially to those who don't take many fashion risks. But never fear, there are tips to help you feel more comfortable.

          1) Proportion:  If you don't proportion it correctly the whole outfit could come out looking wrong instead of  giving you the hourglass shape it is meant to give you. So remember  the key to rocking a peplum piece is to have it tailored to balance out the bulk of the major ruffle.

          2) Minimal Accessories: Because a peplum will most likely be the statement piece I recommend go easy on the jewelry and accessories. If you are not quite sure what to put on a good rule to follow is to chose a great bag/clutch, some killer heels, pretty bracelet, and earrings.

          3) Chose Elegant Colors: If you aren't ready for bright colors and patterns the best way to go is by wearing beautiful, rich elegant colors like black, burgundy, plum, creme, white, navy, and emerald. If you are hoping to look slimmer the deeper the color is the slimmer you will look.

          4) Cinched Waist: To grab more attention to your waist add a pretty belt to your outfit to give you a hourglass shape.

A pretty and classy way to wear this look.
           I personally like this trend, it gives a nice silhouette but what do you think of this trend? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below, and follow my blog, twitter, and Polyvore.

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Everyday Perfume

Like many other girls out there I have multiple bottles of perfumes on my vanity. So it is no surprise that I happen to have a perfume for each occasion. Whether I'm feeling casual, girly, feisty, or fun I have a perfume just for that. It all depends on my mood and activity that I will choose my perfume of the day. But there is one particular perfume that I love to wear almost everyday when I'm not feeling in a particular mood and that is Miracle by  Lancôme. This sensual, spicy floral fragrance is bursting with the zest of brilliant Freesia, jasmine, peppered with Ginger and serenely balanced by warm Amber notes. Is the perfect perfume for me to wear on a daily basis when I do not have anything special going on.

I came about this perfume half a year ago when I was passing thru my parents bedroom and noticed a pink shiny box from the corner of my eyes. The fact that it was pink and shiny drew me in instantly, when I picked up the box and opened it to spray some on, a most lovely scent surrounded me. I was instantly hooked! When I asked my mom why she had not worn this perfume she simply said that she felt it was not for her and that if I liked it I could have it. I said yes in a heartbeat! and ever since then I've been wearing this floral perfume just about everyday.

Do you have a favorite perfume? Or do you have multiple ones like me that you wear depending on the occasion? Let me know what you think and don't forget to comment, follow my blog, and my twitter.
                                                   XOXO, Mayra

Friday, January 20, 2012

Under The Sea . . .

The Little Mermaid 
The Little Mermaid by mayrabarragan featuring slimming dresse

           This sweet but sexy look will have people turning heads just to look at you,  no guy would mind being Part of Your World.

Get The Look: Demi Lovato Boho Seventeen Magazine Look

          Demi Lovato graces the cover of Seventeen Magazine January 2012 issue looking Boho Chic! This pretty laid back style is trendy and easy to achieve so read on if you want to achieve this laid back look.


      Demi wears a burnt orange maxi bohemian dress with sleeves, paired with various gold necklaces. Although not a technically a maxi but very bohemian I chose this burnt orange dress and paired it with gold necklaces that can be worn at different lengths to re-create Demis' look. We don't get to see her shoes so I just found something that I think would look great with the outfit, I chose some brown strappy gladiator style heels and added a gold bangles for a little extra flair.


          As for the hair, Demi wore it down with soft natural beach looking waves. Below I have written down two different methods for achieving this look, one that I got from and the other is one that I use.
Method 1:
1. Starting with towel-dried hair, massage any kind of volumizing product into your roots.
2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of styling cream through your ends, working in small sections for the most even coverage.
3. Always aim the hairdryer downward and keep it a few inches away from your hair.
4. When you’re finished twisting each section, scrunch your hair while blow-drying to amp up the texture and volume.
5. For a more defined look, wrap sections around a medium-sized curling iron.
6. This Enzo Milano curling iron doesn’t have a clamp and comes with a heat resistant glove so you can wind your hair around the barrel without burning your fingers
 How to Get Beachy Waves - Ideas for Wavy Hair - Cosmopolitan

Method 2:
 1) Wash your hair and wait till it is damp.
 2) Once it is damp, braid all your hair in several sections.
 3) After you have braided all your hair, add gel, mousse, or hairspray.
 4) Go to bed or wait at least 4 hours before undoing the braids.
 5) After you un-braid your hair, run your fingers or a comb thru them.
 6) Add hairspray and your done.


          To keep up with Demi Lovatos' Bohemian look I stuck with a neutral makeup look.
1) Put a shimmery creamy beige color eyeshadow ( Like MAC Brule)
2) Curl your eyelashes, apply 3 coats of your favorite lengthening mascara (Cover Girl Lash Blast)
3) Add a soft coral peach color blush to the apples of your cheeks (Like E.L.F Studio Line Blush in Peachy Keen)
4) Finish the look with a light neutral pink lipstick with a pale pink lip gloss over it ( MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick & MAC Pink Fade LipGlass )

Just as easy as that you to can achieve Demi Lovatos' boho chic look.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fashion Thru The Decades : 1920's

          In case you didn't know it let me tell you a little secret. . . I love the 1920's! Okay, okay it may not have been a secret since I have mention it a few time on this blog already. The reason for this being on of my favorite eras is that the 1920's was filled with a type of  decadence and luxury that had not been seen before. Women began cutting their hair, raising up their skirts, smoke out in public, drink liquor in the secret speakeasy's and were open with their sexuality. They would drench themselves in diamond, pearls, feathers, and beaded dresses just to go out on the town. Overall the 1920's was the bees-knees. Unfortunately we cant exactly go out in full flapper attire on a daily bases, but that does not mean we can't add a bit of 1920's inspiration into our everyday wardrobe. After all the 1920's weren't called the golden twenties for nothing. . .

          When it comes to 1920's fashion it is all about the glitz and glamour. So don't be afraid to sparkle by having clothes with beading, glitter, or feathers details. Corsets or anything accentuating curves was definitely out  of style during the 1920's. Because women finally felt liberated from old Victorian values and the constriction fashions of the Victorian era they rebelled from corsets and long skirts by flattening their chest, bared arms, raised their skirts to up to their knees, and used boyish cuts on their clothes.

  • Boyish Silhouette
  • Dropped Waists
  • Fringe( It caused extra movement when they moved)
  • Beading
  • Glitter/Sequins
  • Feathers
  • Coats (Preferably with some fur trim)

          Simplicity was not something women in this era aimed for so layer, layer, and layer your jewelry, women in the 1920's loved to layer their pretty pearls with other beautiful jewelry pieces. So do not be afraid to stack up multiple rings, bracelets, long necklaces and wear dazzling earrings.  Another great 1920's trend is costume jewelry! They were inexpensive, looked great, and were dramatic- the very essence of the 1920's.

  • Pearls
  • Brooches 
  • Diamonds
  • Beads
  • Gold/Silver
  • Gems

           For the first time in history short hair was considered attractive, so women began cutting of their long locks and replaced them with bobbed hair, and adding finger waves to them. Usually by day women wore a fabulous cloche hat when out running errands or just hanging out. During the evening when they would go out, women liked to dressed up their hair in different variations of headbands that were just exquisite.

  • Bobbed Hair
  • Finger waves
  • Bangs
  • Cloche Hats
  • Sparkly Headpieces 

               As another form of rebellion towards Victorian society their makeup became much more dramatic than it was before. In the 1920's the makeup industry was relatively new so women began buying and experimenting with their cosmetics that resulted in the most popular look of the era- kohl-rimmed eyes, dark eye shadows ( black, gray, green), and dark red lipstick. Women defined their lips and used the cupid bow lip shape by using liquid rouge to line and conceal the lips allowing them to be reshaped with lipstick, and in doing so increasing the impact of the effect. The eyelids would be covered in a dark eyeshadow, afterwards apply heavy amounts of kohl eyeliner and smudge it around, and finally apply heavy mascara. Very much like the smoky look that we still use for our night outs.

    My Own Interpretation:

    With Baz Luhrmann production of the "The Great Gatsby" coming out this year I predict that 1920's fashion will be all the rage! So don't be surprised if you see more of this fashion later on this year. Now you can be part of the trend by using some of these few tips and be the cats-meow.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Queen of Hearts

    Queen of hearts   
    Queen of hearts by mayrabarragan featuring a rose clutch

              Another modern twist to a beloved childhood classic story. Although I used Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" as inspiration. This is a classic story nonetheless and a modern homage deserves to be made. So I'm showing you a Red Queen inspired look that is sure make heads turn. I'm currently working on more fairy tale/ book inspired outfits so stay tuned for more. . .
                                            XOXO, Mayra

    Recipe: Spinach & Tomato Sandwhich

    Time for another yummy recipe ladies. This recipe is perfect for those whose New Years resolution is to get healthy. And it easy and fast to make for whenever you are in a hurry.

    • Wheat Bread (2 Slices)
    • 1 Tomato
    • Spinach (A handful)
    • Light Mayo

    1) Put both slices of wheat bread into the toaster, and toast to your preference. 
    2) While your bread is toasting cut up your tomato in thick slices and wash your spinach.
    3) Once your toast is ready, lightly spread some mayo on both sides of the bread.

    4) And finally add your spinach and tomato to one side of bread.
    5) And finally sprinkle salt and pepper before you close your sandwich.
    *Optional: Add a few avocado slices for more deliciousness*

    Add some fruit or your favorite healthy snack (I added sun-dried tomato & basil wheat thins) to the side and you have yourself a good tasting lunch in a matter of minutes.

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    My New Shoes

         I'm officially on the TOMS bandwagon girls! After years and years of popularity I finally purchased my first TOMS style shoes. Now I'll be honest the reason why I barely purchased these were because I did not really like TOMS. I had found them odd looking and not really my style since most of the time I'm a flats/sandals type of girls who would wear cute sneakers once in a blue moon I felt like they were not necessary, that is until I saw these. . .

    Pink (Check), Glitter (Check), Comfortable (Check!!) They are girly, cheerful, a bit different, and sparkly. These shoes are the total essence of who I am, they match my soul!. Sure my family and few people may think they are too much but I don't care I love them. For those rare days that I plan to relax but not sacrifice cute-ness -they add the right amount of flash to my casual outfits. Below I made a casual outfit on my Polyvore with items I already own in my closet that looks great. And I cant wait to make up more outfits.

    Do you wear TOMS? Or they just aren't your style? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below and don't forget to follow my blog, twitter, and vote for the next Style Series Guide! Love you all.
                             XOXO, Mayra

    Kreativ Blogger Award!

              I'm so completely honored to receive my very first Blogger Award by Beauty & Beyond . It is something I will always mean the world for me. It feels good to know that there are people out there that like my blog enough to want to give me a award. I'm forever grateful.

    As much as I am aware, the steps I have to take now are:
    1. Link back to the person that gave you this award
    2. Answer the questions below
    3. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know you nominated them
    4. Share 7 random facts about yourself


    1. Name your favorite song.
      It is hard to choose what my favorite song of all time is because I have so many to choose from that I love. So I'll just say that my current favorite song is "Young Blood" By The Naked Famous

    2. Name your favorite dessert.
    Pastry's are my favorite type of desserts! Especially small cakes and cupcakes.

    3. What ticks me off.
    People who are envious of other people success and who are quick to judge and criticize when they don't even know what really is going on. No matter how close you are to a person you will never know what they are going thru because only that other person feels it.

    4. When I am upset I...
    Get very quiet,listen to my Ipod and go off on my own. So I wont accidentally go off on another person who does not deserve it.

    5. Favorite pets
     How can I possibly choose between all 5 of my pets? haha. But I will say I love dogs.

    6. Black or white

    7. Biggest fear

    8. Everyday attitude
    Happy, bubbly, and talkative.

    9. What is perfection?
    It is something that is achieved when one is fully satisfied.

    10. Guilty pleasure.
    Watching "Jersey Shore"

    7 Facts:
    1.I am actually a organized person. Despite the messiness sometimes. 
    2.I hate washing dishes!
    3.I am scared of E.T (yes the alien everyone seems to love)
    4.I plan to study Animal Health Science.
    5.I have a massive book collection.
    6.I love history.
    7.I love spicy buffalo style chicken strips with ranch.

    Nominated blogs are:
    Thank you all who follow my blog and have given me your support. It means so much to me. I love you all!

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Golden Globe 2012: Best Dressed

    This year "The Golden Globe" awards were full of great nominations and lots of great fashion. It was so hard to choose which were my favorite, but after hard consideration and thinking I came up with my personal top 5 best dressed ladies.

    1) Jessica Alba in Gucci

    My favorite look of the night is without a doubt Jessica Alba in a lavender, sparkly, beaded gown from Gucci. I love the femininity and glamour of this dress. Everything from her hair, makeup, accessories, and dress screams out the perfection of loveliness.

    2) Charlize Theron  in Dior Haute Couture

    At a close second for me- nominated for Best Actress for her role in "Young Adult" this South African beauty dazzled and shined in this pale blush pink Dior gown. With all her breathtaking beauty it is no surprise why they chose her to play the evil queen in the upcoming film "Snow White and The Huntsman"

    3) Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

    The "Mildred Pierce" star looked like a mysterious sultry siren who came to lure us inwith her stunning gown.
    With a plunging neckline, drenched with scales, sequins and feathers in a dark emerald trumpet style silhouette, Evan Rachel Wood enchanted us by taking a walk on the wild side.

    4) Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier

    In a bright canary yellow Paula Patton definitely stood out from the crowd in her mermaid silhouette Monique Lhuillier gown that brought sunshine to red carpet in the cold cloudy day in Los Angeles.Too bad her sexy hubby wasn't there. . .

    5) Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

    Never one to disappoint at the red carpet Reese Witherspoon looked sultry in a fiery crimson colored, form fitting Zac Posen gown. And kept it simple with tousled waves and a stunning Fred Leighton bangles.

    Did you watch the golden globes this year? What were your best dressed from the red carpet? Don't forget to follow my blog, my twitter, and to comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you.
                                                 XOXO, Mayra

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Cute Blog Alert!

    Yes that is her!

    Hey girls I recently discovered a new blog. You guys should definitely check her blog out, this girly has killer style and she posts the cutest outfits. You can follow her blog at  and follow her at twitter @xolindsey_marie

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    The Style Series: Girly

    Hey there beautiful gals! I'm back for another edition of "The Style Series". Last time I wrote a post for the style series you had voted for a  Boho Style and according to your votes the majority of you wanted to see a Girly style. If you would of asked me what my personal style is I would have to say girly, classic, and preppy in a heart beat! So it is no surprised why I looked forward to write this edition of the style series.

    Girly Style:
    A girly clothing style is all  about looking feminine sweet, sophisticated, pretty, and put together all the time. A true girly girl will always walk with grace and confidence wherever she goes. Whit her charm, friendliness, well manners and sweet style she will make friends wherever she goes.

    Girly Wardrobe Basics:
    The essentials of having a girly style is all about light colors such as pastels, and pretty detailed pieces. A pretty dress and skirts are the main wardrobe pieces for this style, but if you aren't comfortable wearing dresses and skirts do not worry you can still wear jeans and look girly. You migth be shocked to see cute graphic tee's on the list but hey even girly girls need a rest from dresses, skirts, blouses, heels, and flats. Even jeans, cute sneakers, jeans, and a few girly accessories can make the most casual outfit look girly. Overall details like bows, lace, sparkle,pretty colors and florals are the type of details and patterns that will make a girly style.

    • Flowy Dresses
    • Cardigans
    • Skirts
    • Detailed Tops
    • Camis
    • Cute Graphic Tees
    • Jeans
    • Flats
    • Heels
    • Wedges
    • Sandals
    • Sneakers

      Girly Accessories:
      No outfit cannot be complete without accessories. In my opinion accessories really tie in the whole outfit, and can change a outfit in a matter of seconds by adding or changing things. Much like a girly wardrobe the accessories are soft, detailed, and sweet pieces. Show what a sweetheart you are by adding pretty pieces in pastels, flowers,and bows. Also try layering jewelry such as multiple necklaces (different lengths) with different pendants and charms  to create a pretty, fun, stylish look.

      • Delicate Necklaces
      • Statement Necklace
      • Pearls
      • Charm Bracelets
      • Diamond Stud Earrings 
      • Scarves
      • Structured Bag, .

      Girly Beauty:
       Finish off your entire look by remembering to keep your look soft and natural to maintain this sweet feminine look.

      • For your eyes use purples, pinks, silver and shimmer to highlight your gorgeous eyes. 
      • Add your favorite pink color blush to your cheeks. 
      • Complete the look with a soft pink lip color and gloss.

      For hair the go-to hair style are pretty soft curls, but if you do not have the time or patience like I do you can keep you natural hair texture and just add pretty hair accessories. Here are a few suggestions. . .
      • Curls: Add a cute clip or headband.
      • Top Bun: Add a pretty ribbon around the bun and tie at the bow for a ballerina feel.
      • Twist and Pin: Gather two inches of hair and pin it with pretty bobby pins. You can do it on one side or both if you like.
      • Goddess Braid: Gather two inches of hair from the front. Braid the section, and pin it to the side.

      Style Icon:

       Okay so I know Blair Waldorf is a fiction character but come on the girl has style! She is the perfect example of a girly style. Even though she wears dark colors she still has the girly vibe by using the girly elements such as lace, floral, layered jewelry, and amazing to die for accessories. We should all have a little bit of Blair Waldorf in our wardrobe.

      I hope you ladies enjoyed this post and you will take these tips into consideration to bring a little bit of girly into your life. Sorry it took me a really long time to post it but now that I did I hope you ladies enjoyed it. Don't forget to follow, comment, and vote on the next style series post.
                            XOXO, Mayra
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