Friday, December 30, 2011

What I Just Read. . .

Hi ladies! So you may or may not know that aside from my love for fashion I also have a love for books. I have at least 78 books in my personal library (not including my children books from when I was a child or the  e-books) and have read more than a 100 books (even though I cant remember them all) so I'm always looking around for new book to read. A few months ago I saw a review for "The White Queen" by Philippa Gregory on Elle and Blair and it caught my interest.

What is it about?
"The White Queen" is about Elizabeth Woodville the wife of King Edward IV and her life from 1464 to 1485. The novel takes place in England during the War of The Roses battles which was also known as the "Cousins War". The War of The Roses was a battle for the throne of England between The House of York (White Rose) and The House of Lancaster (Red Rose) that took place sporadically between 1455-1485. In the novel we see Elizabeth Woodvilles' rise to the throne, her falls, and how the Cousins War affected her life and the life of the people she loves.

What I think about it?
I love history so historical novels are one of my favorite types of books to read. So I was not surprised that I loved this book. Because I know about this time period from when I took a Great Britain History Class in college a few years back and because I read about these things on my own, I had fun connecting real life people and events to this book. Many times people tend to get bored when reading history novels but the author of this book Philippa Gregory (Who also wrote The Other Boleyn Girl) has a way of making historical novels interesting.  One of the things I really liked was how she weaved in the story of Melusina, a water goddess who had given up her fins to marry the man she loves who was a mortal. And in the story Elizabeth Woodville is actually a descendent of Melusina, so she sorta has these powers and believes in witchcraft, so it gives the novel a hint of folklore that keep readers interested.

Who might like it?
Readers who like historical fiction and fairy tales would love this story. Because even though this novel is based on facts and the author had to add her own interpretation and a bit of fiction to fill in the blanks on the things that weren't on record. The real story itself has the making of a fairy tale. Like how the King falls in love with a beautiful commoner, they have tons of children, how there are villains who try to do everything they can to take the throne away and there are even some real sad parts.

What about you?
What are you currently reading? Or what would you like to read? Have you read this book? And if so, what was your take on it? Also don't be shy to leave me book suggestions, I'm open to just about anything. Happy Readings!
         XOXO, Mayra


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