Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Wear a Denim Jacket . . .

     No matter what your personal style is, there are certain pieces that every girl should own in her closet. One of those pieces a Denim Jacket. They are very accessible and can be found at any price range, at many different washes. They can also be worn in any season and are a great piece to make any outfit casual cool. The outfit combinations are effortless and plenty. Below I created 3 super easy, super cute way to wear a Denim jacket.

     For my first outfit idea I paired black skinny jeans with a lace polka dot blouse with a denim jacket thrown over. This look is for those in-between days where it sunny but a still a bit chilly. So I paired the outfit with tall riding boots ( ankle boots for be good as well ) a classic watch, summer hat, and shades to shield your pretty eyes from the sun.

     The second option is probably the easiest and my favorite way to wear a denim jacket. All there is to it is a nice summer dress, and it is a perfect option to wear during warmer days. I accessorized this look with simple rose stud earrings, cute wedges and a matching tote to keep a summer look.

     Another easy outfit combination that can be used during warmer months is a tee and skirt combo. I love this outfit for a outside music festival or even for any outside outing. Some cute strappy sandal, and fringed side purse with round sunglasses would complete this stylish combo.

Where to Buy a Denim Jacket:

     Like I said before you can buy a denim jacket at any store and at any price range. Below are my favorite stores to find a them and my favorite picks:

4. Thrift Stores

     Do you have a denim jacket? If so what are your favorite ways to wear it? I would love to know your way of wearing this classic staple.

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