Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Easy Hairstyles . . .

          It happens to us all, we wake up late for school or work, we did not wash our hair the night before, we ran out of time while getting ready so now we need to rush out the door, or we are just lazy to spend a lot of time on our hair. I personally do not have the patience to do my hair, and quite frankly I am bad at it! Luckily I have straight low maintenance hair. Sure I still curl my hair every now and then on those days when I want to look extra special (a process that takes me a night's sleep to achieve, yes I sleep with soft rollers) Luckily for all of us, there are quick and easy hairstyles out there that wont take to much of our time and still makes look great.  

Things you will need to create most of these hairstyles:

  • Brush
  • Bobby Pins (U shaped ones are best for bun hairstyles)
  • Elastic Bands  
  • Headbands
  • Hairspray

1. Sleek Ponytail

          This is probably my go-to hairstyle when I am in a hurry or lazy to do anything more to it. What better way to show your pretty face than with with this sleek style. Not only only will this style show off your amazing face but it can also draw attention to statement earrings. This is also the perfect style to do on second day hair. To take it up a notch- try wrapping around a strand taken from the pony and wrap it around the elastic and hold it with a bobby pin. You also take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the elastic in a bow.

2. Messy Top Bun

           This is probably the easiest and quickest one to do. You can easily roll out of bed, grab your hair into a ponytail, twist it all around and pin it with bobby pins. To add a bit of glamour into it, try wearing a skinny headband 1inch away from your hairline or add a flower clip to the side of your hair beside the bun (this is my favorite way of doing it)

3. Headband:

          Ahhh the headband! My first fashion love. Ever since I was baby I have been using headbands and bows (which is why you see a lot of both ideas on this blog) and I honestly never get tired of them, I have a dozen of them!. This is also a good hairstyle option on any day. I like to part my hair to the side and slip in a headband with embellishment or a pattern on it.

4. Goddess Braid:

          This also one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. Part your hair to the side, grab one inch of hair from one side (I do it on my right), braid it down as close to your scalp as you can (especially the beginning), pin it to the side and Voila! Another way that you can use the goddess braid is you can part your hair in the middle, grab one inch of hair from the side of your head (like around where the temples of your head is at) braid it, pin it to the side with bobby pins, repeat to the other side (make sure they are even and the same amount of hair) and add hair spray. I think braid hairstyles are very popular this season, so definitely take these into consideration this summer .

5. Twist and Pinned To The Side:

          Another quick hairstyle is too part your hair in the middle, grab one inch of hair, twist it, and pin it to the side, repeat on the other side. You can also just part it to the side, and twist and pin to one side of hair. It is up to you, you will still look cute.

6. Ballerina Bun:

          This hairstyle is a mix of a ballerina/top bun, it isn't perfect, but it isn't messy either. To achieve this look grab your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, tease up the pony a bit with a comb, twist and twist the pony around the elastic, pin it with bobby pins, and finally add hairspray. For a classic girly touch I like to tie a ribbon around the bun and tie it in a bow (very similar to what I like to do with my ponytails)

7. Hat

        I am not usually a big fan of hats (unless they are cute) since I generally do like my hair and I do not want to cover it up. I tend to drift towards my knitted beanies and my black sequin bow beret.  on  those days where I am feeling a bit lazy or I feel like I am having a bad hair day, and those are the days where I like to cover up my hair. The best way to wear these is too gather up your hair in a low bun, if you have bangs or front layers leave them out, put your hat over your bun, and pin the sides to secure it. Another option you can use is to put your hair to the front, put on the beanie 1 inch away from your hairline, and secure it with bobby pins. This look really will look good on everybody, no matter what hair type you have.

          I hope these quick hairstyles will help you out on those day when you are in a rush but do not feel like sacrificing chicness. What are your go-to hairstyles when you are in a hurry? Let your opinions know below in the comment section.


  1. Replies
    1. When I travel, I always like putting a knitted beanie on.

  2. these are totally my go-to's for mornings when i can't get up at the time I promised myself I would the night before (it happens a lot) Great tips! I love all of these!

    Much love,
    Lauren xoxo

    1. The same thing always happens to me me haha

  3. Sometimes chucking a beanie on really helps x

  4. Great post! I love lauren, her hair always looks amazing xx

    1. I simple adore Lauren!! She is my fashion icon.


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