Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Wear Neon . . .

          Hello again Baby Dolls! Out of all the spring/summer trends out there the most popular one definitely has to be Neon Colors. After spending fall and winter in dark and neutral colors it was time to brighten things up. And what better way to do so than with neon colors. But as trendy as these colors may be the idea of wearing something bright can be pretty frightening for some people. Below I have written a few guidelines on how to wear the neon trend.  


          If you like the neon trend but are scared of using neon because you are afraid, you can still try this trend out without going out of your comfort zone.

  • Accessorize: The easiest way to test out a new trend you are not so sure about is to try out with accessories. So do not be afraid to stack on bracelets, rock some bright shoes, or to add a neon purse to your outfit.
  • Start Out Small: You do not have to jump into a trend if you are not ready. Add Neon pieces little by little.
  • Test Drive On Your Days "Off": I always feel more comfortable trying trends out during the weekends or when I know I wont be seen. I highly suggest trying this little tip yourself. It really does work!


         Now if you are feeling a bit more daring and are ready to push the limits without going overboard you can still take it to the next  level without crossing the line.
  • Make Neon Piece Your Key Piece: Choose a neon clothing item to be your key piece in your outfit. You can choose pants, skirts, shorts, or a top.
  • Keep The Rest Of The Outfit Minimal: After choosing your main neon color piece, pair with a neutral color like white,black,blue, or grey.
  • Add A Few Neon Accessories: Chances are that you probably still have some reservation to wearing a lot of neon at once, but brave enough to add more neon pieces to your outfit. So do not be afraid to add one or two neon accessories.


          You have tested the neon trend color and feel comfortable taking it to the next level to full blown fashion dare devil. You can still manage to look fashion forward without looking like if you stepped out of the 80's.
  • Color Block: Color Blocking is a great way too incorporate different colors together.
  • Choose Colors That Combine Well Together: Speaking of incorporating different colors together, make sure that you choose colors that combine well together.
  •  Keep Jewelry To A Minimum: Because there is already a lot going on in the outfit with the bright colors, you should try to keep jewelry to a minimum. But if you must have some type of jewelry like me, try to wear dainty jewelry or one strong piece like the cute octopus ring I choose for the set above.

          I hope this small guide I have made will help you in achieving the neon trend successfully this summer. Now that I am on summer break I look forward to writing in my blog more often. Thank you for your patience and support on this blog. I love you all and I hope to hear from you all.



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    1. Thanks! I know how scary it can be to wear bright colors colors so I thought it be easier to break it down. It was great hearing from you again!


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