Monday, January 23, 2012

My Everyday Perfume

Like many other girls out there I have multiple bottles of perfumes on my vanity. So it is no surprise that I happen to have a perfume for each occasion. Whether I'm feeling casual, girly, feisty, or fun I have a perfume just for that. It all depends on my mood and activity that I will choose my perfume of the day. But there is one particular perfume that I love to wear almost everyday when I'm not feeling in a particular mood and that is Miracle by  LancĂ´me. This sensual, spicy floral fragrance is bursting with the zest of brilliant Freesia, jasmine, peppered with Ginger and serenely balanced by warm Amber notes. Is the perfect perfume for me to wear on a daily basis when I do not have anything special going on.

I came about this perfume half a year ago when I was passing thru my parents bedroom and noticed a pink shiny box from the corner of my eyes. The fact that it was pink and shiny drew me in instantly, when I picked up the box and opened it to spray some on, a most lovely scent surrounded me. I was instantly hooked! When I asked my mom why she had not worn this perfume she simply said that she felt it was not for her and that if I liked it I could have it. I said yes in a heartbeat! and ever since then I've been wearing this floral perfume just about everyday.

Do you have a favorite perfume? Or do you have multiple ones like me that you wear depending on the occasion? Let me know what you think and don't forget to comment, follow my blog, and my twitter.
                                                   XOXO, Mayra

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  1. Last summer I started wearing light blue by D&G - I told myself it was the perfect summer fragrance and that by fall I would need to switch to something else.'s the end of Jan. and I'm still wearing it - I'm addicted!


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