Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Casual Foundation Routine . . .

          Today I will be sharing with you my everyday foundation routine. I actually have two different foundation routines, one being my casual everyday routine where I use my Lush Colour Supplement foundation that I use for school and casual outings and my second routine being the one where I use Makeup Forever foundation that I use for special occasions. But for today I will sharing with you my casual everyday foundation routine. This will not include my eye makeup just my usual face routine including my blush because I consider it part of my foundation routine because I can't leave my house without a little blush on.

Products Used: 
  • Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
  • Primer :  L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
  • Concealer:  Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous
  • Foundation: LUSH Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow
  • Powder: Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup in Shade 130(N)
  • Blush: E.L.F Studio Blush in Peachy Keen

Brushes Used:
  • Stipple Brush: Sonia Kashuk
  • Concealer Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line
  • Powder Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line
  • Blush Brush: E.L.F Studio Brush Line


  1.  Before I begin to add anything to my face I prep it my adding moisturizer to different parts of my face.

    2. After I let my moisturizer set in I go on and apply my primer in the same way I applied my moisturizer. 

    3. After applying my primer I move to the next step which is putting on my concealer. I use a concealer brush and apply it under my eyes, and anywhere where I had blemishes.

    4. Following my concealer application I finally begin applying my foundation. I apply it using a stippling brush because in my opinion I think it gives you a much better finish than with a sponge, fingers, or foundation brush.

    * To apply foundation with a stippling brush just dip the tip of your brush in the foundation you use. Then you dot the brush all over your face, and blend it in small circular motions.

    5. After blending in my foundation I buff it over using my powder brush to make sure there are no streaks on my face because one downside of using a stipple brush is that they can leave streak marks. Once I do that and make sure there are no streaks on my face I powder my t-zone to set in the foundation.

    6. For my last step I grab my blush of the day and blush brush and apply it on the apple of my cheeks in  a C motion (From my cheeks to up my temples)

    There you have my casual everyday foundation routine. What is your foundation routine? Feel free to share your opinions and tips below in the comments box.

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  1. Great routine. I like how you started with moisturizer. So many young girls skip this part, because they have perfect skin. But they don't realize that they need to preserve via moisturizer. When they get to my age, they will wish they piled on the lotion.
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