Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: LUSH Colour Supplement Multi-Pupose Base Colour

My Shade in Dark Yellow for Olive Skin Tones with Beige Undertones

          About almost two weeks a go me and my best friends spend the afternoon at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood for some much needed girl time. While there I decided to stop by LUSH to smell some of their goodies to see if there were any I want to try out and while there I saw their LUSH Colour Supplement Multi-Pupose Base Colour that can be used as foundation, concealer, and a tinted moisturizer. Because I have run out of my previous foundation (Clinique Even Better Makeup) and I am always looking for a new foundation to try out that will cover my blemishes and acne scars I decided to give this foundation a try.

About the product:
          Made with soya and rice bran oils to care for all skin types, mix into your favorite moisturizer for a natural tint or use on its own as a foundation. You can also dot a little around unsightly blemishes for effective coverage. The colour supplements can be used on their own as a foundation or applied locally as a concealer. For a lighter finish, they can be used to create your own tinted moisturizer. Just combine a dab of colour supplement with your favorite moisturizer and blend together for your own specially created mix.

Pros and Cons:
Like all products do- this one also has it's pros and cons.

  • Easily blend-able
  • Feels light
  • Soft finish
  • Smooth
  • Good Coverage
  • Natural ingredients 

  • Small color selection
  • Small jar
  • Pores still visible
Before Blending
After Blending

My Opinion:

          I am always weary to try out new foundation or face products because I break out very easily thanks to  my semi-sensitive skin, but I absolutely loved this foundation!. It did not make me break out and I love how it feels so light that it almost seems like I'm not wearing any makeup on, if you were  to look at my face while wearing this foundation it would also seem to you as if I'm not wearing any makeup on. Because this foundation gives you a very nice dewy look I would suggest  setting it with powder if you have oily skin. I wish it would do a better job covering up my pores but since I use face primer and serum, this fact did not bother me. It does however do a good job hiding my blemishes and any redness I had at the  moment. Even though I wished for it to stay on my face longer it still had  a good staying period. Overall, this is a product I would recommend and repurchase again.

         Have you tried LUSH Colour Supplement Multi-Purpose Base Colour ? If you have did you like it? Or is this a product you would pass out on? Let me know in the comment below.


  1. I just order one of these, i hope it works well for light/dark circle.. im so excited to get it in the mail and try it out , awesome blog im a new follower .. stop on by

    1. I think you will love it! it really is great. I hope it works well for you just like it did to me. Thanks for following my blog =-)

  2. I'm always on the lookout for the best beauty products, especially foundation. These look promising.

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    1. Me too! I was so happy that this worked so well on my skin.

  3. Great review, I havent seen these yet! Im glad it worked for your skin, I know how much it sucks to have sensitive skin. :(
    Im a new follower!

    1. Yes it does suck to have sensitive skin because that means we can't wear just anything. Thanks for the follow!

  4. The foundation i'm using atm is on the verge of running out so i'm currently open for new ideas when it comes to what to try next. I've seen these Lush foundations but i've never tried and by the sounds of it they work really well. Maybe i'll have to try this one!

    1. You should really give it a try! and if you do not like it you can always return it back to Lush =-)


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