Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Went Shopping! : Forever 21, WetSeal, Kohl's & Target Haul

          Yes ladies I had myself another little shopping spree this past weekend, but it was necessary I swear! Okay, okay maybe not- but it was well deserved. I had not gone shopping for school so I thought it be a good idea to buy myself just a little bit of clothes for myself and hey a girl can never have enough clothes right ?

Forever 21


          My first stop at the mall was the ever so popular "Forver21". At Forever21 I picked a nice green woven top with yellow, orange, and white flowers- that is perfect for spring! And probably the only thing on my list I payed full price for (everything else on my list was on sale). As for everything else I got from this store, I got earrings. I like buying earrings that come in packs because they give me more for my buck. So I got a set of multicolored hoop earrings, a set of pastel colored flower earrings ( my favorite ones are the pink, blue, and creme flowers on the very top), and I got the cutest vintage looking mirror earrings that I adore! The reason I got them was because they reminded me of  Beauty and the Beast and because they did not have the vanity necklace I wanted.

Wet Seal

         I have a love/hate relationship with Wet Seal, some of their clothes are very Jersey Shore to me and some of their clothes are nice. So it is always a mystery if I will walk out of the store empty handed or with a few great pieces. This time however I walked out with a few goodies that I loved. I found this blue crochet top that I absolutely loved on sale that I knew I had to get. They also had the top in a hot pink and creme color, I originally wanted the creme color top because I could make a lot of outfits with it but sadly they did not have my size (I did order it online though) so I decided to grab the blue one instead that  would also give me various outfits. At the time Wet Seal was having a Tanks and Tees 5 for $20 sale that I took absolute advantage of! I love undershirts and wear them every day and since my old ones are starting to show wear I decided to throw those away and stock up on new ones. So I got some in yellow, black, red, white, lavender, and dusty rose. The last item I got from Wet Seal was a floral gray and magenta scarf that will go with a sweater I got for Christmas, I love scarfs so this was a obvious pick for me.


          The only  purchase I made at Kohl's was this Vivani  white metal watch with rhinestone detailing. The reason I picked this up was because I have been looking for a white watch that looks just like my sisters' white GUESS watch that I absolutely love, love, love! But that watch is a bit on the expensive side and I was on a budget so I could not afford the the one my sister has. So when I saw this and realized it was almost a exact dupe for it and on sale I knew I could not pass up on it. Because of my small wrist it does fit me a bit big, but not big enough that it can fall off- so I'm contemplating whether or not I should get fixed. What do you guys think?


       My last stop of  the day was Target. I originally went there to pick up on some U shaped hair pins so I can do my hair in a cute ballerina bun, but unfortunately they did not have any. They did however have some red patent flats that I have had my eye on for awhile so I took advantage that I was there and snatched them for myself. As for my last purchase I picked up the latest People Style Watch- that I saw while I was in the check out line.

        And there you have a summary of my small shopping spree. Have you gone on any recent shopping sprees? If  so what did you buy? Or what would you like to buy? I love to hear about it.


Thank You For Making Me Smile

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