Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hit or Miss? Ugg Boots

Although Ugg boots have been around for surfers in Australia and New Zealand since the 1960's the Ugg boots rose to new heights of popularity in the U.S in 2005 when hot celebs like Britney Spears and Kate Hudson were spotted wearing these comfy sheepskin boots, and it seemed like everybody wanted a part of this trend. Six years later and this popular trend is still going on strong, especially among middle school and high school girls. For years the topic on whether Ugg boots are fashionable or not has been a popular debate among the fashion community. While some may think that Ugg boots are ugly, tacky, the shoe of choice for lazy girls in college, and a sad attempt for girls trying to be fashionable. Others may say that Ugg boots are cute, warm, comfortable, and has even become a fashion necessity for many girls wardrobe. In my opinion while I do agree that they aren't quite fashionable and in fact a bit ugly (that was my first impression of them) I love how warm and comfy they are. Ugg boots have actually become my go-to shoe on those cold days when I'm feeling lazy and just want to be comfortable. Because after wearing flats and sandals everyday my feet need a little break and comfort. Besides there is nothing wrong with choosing comfort over style once in awhile. Which is why Ugg boots are HIT in my book, but what do you think? Are Ugg boots on your hit list or should they disappear? Let me know.

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