Monday, January 27, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures . . .

   A little about my weekend in pictures . . . .


       I started my weekend by eating strawberry toaster pastry and drinking tea, while reading the month Vogue magazine with Lena Dunham on the cover. I have found these magazines extremely useful in my classes, I constantly need to tear out pictures for homework and projects in class. 

      On Saturday I went to a "Frozen" theme birthday party which was extremely cute and fun! For the party I wore . . .
  • LC Lauren Conrad Dusty Pink Tulle Pleated Maxi Skirt: I got this skirt last week and I adore it! It is my fave item in my closet right now. I folded the gold waist band inside and used a skinny gold belt instead.
  • Mossimo White V-Neck from Target: I took a white v-neck tee and tucked it inside the skirt.
  • Gap Jean Jacket: I wore a a jean jacket with sleeves rolled up that I borrowed from my sister that she has had for maybe around 8 years, so it looks worn and I like worn jean jackets. 
  • LC Lauren Conrad Nude Flats: My parents gave me these flats for Christmas, this is the third time I wore them so they still give me blisters but I love them.
  • LC Lauren Conrad Gold Pink Flower Long Necklace: I need to accessorize, so I just put on a long simple necklace to my outfit would not be too boring.
  • Asos Black Satchel Purse: I got this purse like 3 weeks ago when it was on sale, so this is currently my to go purse right now. 
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer Shades: It was sunny so I just put on my favorite black sunglasses. 

      Like I said above, on Saturday I went to a "Frozen" theme Birthday Party. It was a fun magical little party with delicious sweets and even a appearance by Queen Elsa! But these Olaf center pieces were my favorite! How cute is it!

      On Sunday I did the usual routine. Me and my family went to church, ran errands, and made dinner together. Sunday is usually a bit busy because we drive all around town to do things but this week we only had 2 places to go too so it was refreshing to have a much more easier Sunday. That day I wore . . .
  • Forever 21 Black Skater Skirt: I have also been obsess over this skirt.
  • Gap White and Black Striped Tank Top: My favorite tank top! I honestly feel like this is one of my most worn shirts. Such a staple. 
  • Gap Jean Jacket: I re-wore the jean jacket I wore for the birthday party also with the sleeves rolled up.
  • H&M Black Opaque Tights: It was a bit chilly in the morning so I put on some  black tights to keep me warm during the church service.
  • Mossimo Red Patent Leather Flats from Target: I needed some color into the outfit so I put on my red flats.
  • Gold/Black Leather Cuff & Black Gold Stud Heart Earring: I kept the accessories simple, so I wore this Gold/ Black Leather Cuff I got from Charlotte Russe with some Black Heart Earrings that has some Gold Studs that watch with the cuff, I usually pair them together.
  • Asos Black Satchel Purse: My favorite purse at the moment so I wear with everything.
  • Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick in Red Velvet: My makeup was so simple that day ()Foundation, Blush, and Mascara) that I wanted add red lips. So I wore my favorite red lipstick.

     I ended my weekend by watching my two favorite shows; Downton Abbey and Sherlock while eating a delicious marble flavored cupcakes and doing my nails afterwards. 

Overall I enjoyed my weekend It was not dull nor overly busy but it was a good one. I hope all weekends could be the same pace as this one, maybe this year I will have more good weekends and less bad ones.

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