Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Style This: Leather Skirt

      To some people styling a leather skirt can be difficult, and rightly so. Leather is synonymous with rock n' roll and bad boys in Harley Davidson's. Paired with the right top and perfect accessories you can turn a leather skirt to a classy sweet look. So read on to find out how I put together this look.



Choosing a top with feminine details like lace, light colors, ruffles, bows, or rounded collars while be a good contrast from the edgy vibe that a leather skirt can give. 


    Pile on cute jewelry that compliments each other that have a slight vintage vibe. I love pastels, cameos, and flowers. Which is why I choose the items that I did for the outfit.


    I always found that clutches, and small side purses screamed girly. And I believe every girl should carry a purse with them, it is much more stylish than putting things in your pockets and can complete a otherwise unfinished outfit. So consider one of these bags when choosing your outfit.


    Shoes, shoes, and shoes! What girl does not love them. Because I have sensitive feet I chose footwear that I can personally use such as flats, oxford flats, and wedges. But if you love heels and can wear them, feel free to use those instead.


       Accessories changes the outfit in 0.2 seconds. For the outfit above I chose a cute pink beret hat that is plain adorbs! You can also wear a floral scarf  or if it is sunny some cute shades.

     When it comes to a leather skirt you can style it in many different ways to fit your particular style. Because my style is very pink and girly I styled the leather skirt that way. So don't feel limited when it comes to styling your leather skirt. Feel free to let tell me the way you would style a leather skirt. I would love to other peoples style.


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    1. Thanks for the follow. I would love to check out your blog.

  2. Nicely done. I also feel that a good way to soften leather is adding florals, blouses and pink.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

    1. I agree. Florals and pastel can soften any tough look.


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