Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot Beauty Look: Hot Pink Lips

       Brighten up those cold gloomy winter days by adding a pop of color to not only your wardrobe but to your daily makeup routine as well. Much to my mothers dismay I love wearing hot pink lips during the weekend with a cool cat eyeliner style. Which in my opinion gives a very retro modern look.

        My favorite hot pink lipstick has to be by E.L.F Essentials Lipstick in Flirtatious. But there are plenty of shades and brands out there, that you will bound to find the perfect shade. The trick to pulling off a hot pink lip is to keep the rest of your makeup understated. I usually achieve this by just using foundation (to cover my imperfections), eyeliner, and mascara.

       My steps to creating a daring Hot Pink Lip:

  1. Dab chap-stick all over your lips and scrub it with a clean mascara wand to take off any flaky skin. F.Y.I You can get clean mascara wands at Sephora.
  2. Apply your lip stick as desired.
  3. Pat your lips down a tissue paper.
  4. Apply translucent powder on your lips and pat again with a tissue.
  5. Re-apply another layer of Lipstick.\
  6. Finish off with some clear gloss.

        So go on ahead and change up the ever classic red lip for the trendy hot pink lip. Different color, same daring look. And I promise you will turn heads wherever you go.

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