Monday, March 10, 2014

OOTD: Sunday Outing

  On Sunday I went to the movies and to breakfast with my sister and her friends. It was so much fun! I had strawberry crepes with whipped creme and we went to watch "300: Rise of a Empire" which is typically not really my type of movie but they had a hot guys so why not right? Anyway I loved my outfit that day that I had my sister take a picture of what I wore. So I wore the red skirt my sister gave me for my birthday (It has quickly become my favorite skirt) I tucked in my black/white striped shirt from Forever21. It was a little cold when I left so I put on my tan trench coat over the outfit with the sleeves rolled up. For accessories I wore my tan crochet oxford shoes, long bronze pocket-watch necklace, pearl earrings and my black Asos skirt. My inspiration for this outfit was Parisian so I hope it translated well, I think it did since various people told me I looked cute.

Closer Look:

My whole outfit.

My Black Scalloped Edge Asos Purse

Get my Look:

Shirt: Similar 
Skirt: Here
Trench Coat: Similar
Shoes: Similar
Bag: Similar
Earrings: Here 
Necklace: Here

  I hope to post more outfit photos on my blog. I do not always have someone to take good pictures of my outfits so hopefully I will find someone to take more picture more often.

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