Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personal Post: What Do I expect in My Future . . .

     Okay so I just turned 24 last  Monday!! I know right. I can hardly believe it myself. So during the weeks leading up to it I felt as if I was having a existential mid-quarter life crisis. Not kidding. I felt and still somewhat feel like I have accomplished NOTHING that I have gotten nowhere in life and that I was stuck in this crazy road that we call life. I had friends, family, even my best friends talking to me explain to me that it was all in my head. They tried to get me to see my values and moral and reminded me that despite my looooong road in getting a degree I was finally studying on the thing I believe I was truly meant to do . . . Fashion.

     Having my mini crisis pass I have began to really think about where my life is and where I plan on going. Looking back on this past year I have realized that I have grown as a person. I find my way of thinking and my thoughts being way different than when I was 18. I also realized that even though I have made mistakes and had followed the wrong major for 5 years I have seen that the fact that I started this journey of fashion school a year ago and that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not everybody is as lucky as me to follow their passion. Although a major in fashion merchandising is not what my parents would of liked at least I should be glad that they have accepted it and let me follow my dreams, even though I still get told a few things about it every now and then.

     I have things and people in my life that I did not have last year. I have gained amazing great people in my life that makes me feel blessed and still keeping the old ones. So in short I began focusing on what I didn't have and began focusing on what I do have. I realized that the things that I do not have are not impossible things to achieve. In my heart I know I will get them and I will get there. Now seeing my life a bit more clearly I began putting into perspective what I do want in the future. Of course in my future I want to fall in love, get married and have kids and travel the world. But I also see something extremely important to me and that is a career I am passionate about. In my future I see myself finally getting my long awaited degree in Fashion Merchandising. I hope to either become a stylist, visual merchandiser, or a fashion writer. One thing I absolutely want and see in my future is opening a vintage shop. It would be a dream for me to work alongside beautiful vintage pieces that have a story ready to be unlocked.

     It is plain to see that I have huge plans for myself. I may be a year older and tad bit wiser but I still have a long way to go. I still have many lessons to learn and things to accept. God willing I will have plenty of time to learn those lesson and mature into a adult that my parents will be proud of.

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